Friday, 29 October 2010

Welcome to Birth!

Birth is a new store specialising in skins. Our passion lies in creations that reflect the diversity of SL and the wider world itself.

As well as selling unlimited skins, we will mainly create a range of limited skins-
There's a wide spectrum of beautiful and creative skins on SL, but it's all too often that we meet many others wearing the exact skin as us, and while individual expression with shapes is an art in itself, we believe more personal expression can be freed by twinning a unique shape with a unique skin.

Hence our  vendors will sell just a specific number of the skins, counting down in hovertext telling you how many will be sold, so you know when you buy, just how limited it is.

We would love to hear ideas from the wider community for what you'd like to see, so we can birth something truly special. Everyone is special and unique individually but life itself gets more rich and deep when we're all  paradoxically unique collectively.

Iris Redfield and Silent Alchemi.

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