Saturday, 20 August 2011

Limited Edition Male Skin - Mens 24 Event

If you've not heard of the Mens 24 event, then do I have good news for you.
24 Menswear Designers...
4 Amazing Hair Designers...
4 Wonderful Skin Artists...
4 Fabulous Accessory Designers...
1 Week...

- And the best thing, they're only selling 100 of a very unique, special item.

For ours at Birth, as a skin artist, we went overboard bringing you somethign special. Reese, my favorite skin, we've given him an stunning look, with a wild tattoo style beard, with an tattoo over one eye. Like he wasn't striking enough, now you'll really blow people away.

(only 100 sold, get there quick before there's none left!)

Coming with eyeliner on and off
Tattoo on and off
And stubble and fresh in the beard.

As well as the usual 3x3 bodies.

Also for this event, though not limited, so will continue to sell after the show's over, we've given your other favorite skins, Elixir and Li a similar look:

Take this LM for the Mens 24 Event.

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