Friday, 30 September 2011

*BIRTH* - New EPIC Male Skin 'THOR'


'T H O R'

Birth's first blonde male skin! and what a debut it is. Powerful, handsome and smouldering with masculine charm.

Thor - hammer-wielding god of thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, hallowing, healing, and fertility. With a rock solid body and a face to cut through any crowd, with this skin the virtual world's your oyster. Feel the power of god like strength in his muscles, the confident presence in his eyes, the leader of men, and the one that melts the hearts of his women.

Coming with THREE different body styles, with THREE different body hair options, 3x3 combo, you get effectively 9 skins for the price of 1. (Muscular Body, Normal Body, Toned Body X Hairy, Normal, No Hair).

In 21 Beard Styles
Hair Base and Bald
5 Different Tones

TP to grab your new favorite skin:

TP to Birth to try the demos:

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