Friday, 6 January 2012

THE NEW Revolutionary Spinning Hypnotic Eyes

Four things make them the most unique, striking, beautiful
and fun eyes, you'll ever find.
1. The hypnotic effect of original artistic spinning layers
that merge seamlessly within the eyes. Each spinning layer is an
ornately crafted, highly detailed piece of art.
HUD interface to customise the spin speed, opacity, and direction.
2. Prim eyes means you can wear different coloured eyes to make
an infinite variety of combinations, emulating heterochromia or
experimentaing with your look.
3. Seperate spinning layer only prims, so the hypnotic spin layer can
be combined with many different base eyes.
4. Different size eyes, for realism and artistic looks.
'N A T U R A L S'

Perhaps my favorite of any eyes we've made, even without the spinning spiral that entices within.
Soft realism that draws you in, these eyes ooze a subconscious mystery that though realistic,
contains a glowing power. A simple symmetrical spiral that spins, customisable to be more or less visible, and to spin in different speeed, so you can fine tune your hypnotic needs.

'V A M P'

The other extreme comes from 'Vamp'. With blackened irises and bold, extravagant colours. A
distinctly unreleastic look, glowing, ghostly, and a vortex spinning of a surreal, magical pattern.

TP instore to see them spin on the vendor, be mesmerised by their trance inducing powers:

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