Sunday, 31 July 2011

*BIRTH* - New! Male Skin - 'Reese'

------------------                                  ------------------
!!!!                            NEW MALE SKIN                          !!!!!

                                   'R E E S E'
------------------                                  ------------------

We've quite  possibly made smouldering personified. With noble cheekbones, a striking facial structure and the most kissable lips you'll ever see on a man.

We've also made the skin texture both more realistic and more refined.

With an expanded range of 6 skin tones, from the alabaster ethereal to the dark and mysterious.

Coming with THREE different body styles, with THREE different body hair options, 3x3 combo, you get effectively 9 skins for the price of 1. (Muscular Body, Normal Body, Toned Body X Hairy, Normal, No Hair).

In 22 Beard Styles
Hair Base and Bald
TP to grab your new favorite skin:

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