Friday, 15 July 2011


This week we bring you art for your skin. Four unique designs, all of which  are specially tailored to blend into your skin, so it looks like it really lives on it.

Seamless, intricate and pure orginality.

The first two, a black duo:

They can be worn with just the top layer or the bottom as well as the whole full length body style. Intricate and highly detailed, and sure to catch the eyes of wandering eyes.

The second two, both have a splash of technicolor, two designs that look like nothing like you've seen anywhere else on the grid.

"A tattoo is a true poetic creation, and is always more than meets the eye.  As a tattoo is grounded on living skin, so its essence emotes a poignancy unique to the mortal human condition."
~V. Vale and Andrea Juno, Modern Primitives

TP to Birth:

----------                                                                                                                                                                                                *******

Because of our deep passion for tattoos, we've gone to special efforts to make them as enjoyable, realistic and
flexible for you as possible.

*Shading Tattoos*
With every tattoo is a plethora of options. The most notable of which is a shaded and a normal style of tattoo.
The special shaded styles you'll not find anywhere else and come from our mutual love of skins. They're made to give
 more depth in how they blend with skins, retaining the shadows, highlights, and the contour of body, so that the artwork
you're wearing looks as alive as the skin you're in. This realism makes the tattoo look like it lives in the skin, inked
underneath it rather than somethign that has been overlayed, which is particuarly noticeable in the darker tones.

*5 Different Tones*
With the plain and shading options, there are also five different main tones, which makes for ten options already,  made
to match individual preference, and also different colours and tones of skins.                                                            

*TINTABLE Tattoos*
Tintable ones also come with a plain and shaded style, in which you can play with the colour of your tattoo till your heart's

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